Dragon Fyre

Musings From The Dragon Lady

Sandie Bergen

After Sandie left this Earth we went through her computer. Inside we found these hidden gems.

Short stories she had written, some because someone wanted a short story for a publication, one as a gift for her husband, and some because her characters wanted their stories told.

Most of these stories have never been published before, although a few have. Her family wanted to share these stories.

We gathered up nine of her finished stories and put them together in this anthology. Inside you see a side of Sandie you may not have seen before, there are the Dragons that you would expect, but also ghosts as Sandie spread her wings.

She wrote what she knew and was a fanatic about detail and this comes through in the stories.

Dragon Fyre by Sandie Bergen print and ebook

About The Author

After a brief, but very intense, battle with cancer, Sandie left her beloved husband of 37 years, Charlie, her children, Amanda and Aaron, and her home on Vancouver Island to fly with her dragons.

Known as the DragonLady, Sandie loved dragons. She was blessed with an amazing imagination that allowed her to bring her dragons and the characters that were so important to her to life.

As she told her stories, she always had at least one, but sometimes two cats and a keyboard on her lap at all times.

Sandie loved her fans and was always surprised by their reaction to her stories and happily discussed her stories with her fans from all over the world.

She would spend hours making sure her research was correct because she felt she owed it to them. She spent many a pleasant hour arguing her stories and discussing plots with her sister-in-law, editor, and best friend, Sandy Fetchko.

Sandie and her beloved kitties are flying around the universe, perched on the back of a Dragon, devising new stories to tell in her next life.

Dragon Fyre by Sandie Bergen print and ebook

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